General Festival Information

In 2018, we had a record number of vendors participate in our festival. Businesses, non-profits, and elected officials all had a unique opportunity to connect with the record-size crowd.

We want you to help us make 2019 an even BIGGER success.

You can bring your own tent, table, and chairs, or you can reserve a space under the Pride tents that we make available for the vendors who want it. 

There is a fee as well as a deadline for registering. Get your paperwork and payment in soon to reserve your space in the park.


The Pride Center of the Capital Region/City of Albany reserves the right to change the location, dates, hours, or to terminate entirely the operation of the scheduled event, at any time and without prior notice.

The Pride Center will make every reasonable attempt to provide advance notice to vendors of any changes or cancellations.


Weapons of any kind, umbrellas larger than a golf umbrella, pets off-leash, explosives of any kind, a less-than festive demeanor. 


We love pets, but use common sense before you bring your dog to the party. If it's an extremely hot day, it might be better to leave your pooch inside in the AC. If you dog doesn't do well in large crowds, or doesn't enjoy loud music and loud people, then maybe they should skip the shindigs. If other dogs and screaming children get under your dogs skin, please do not bring them. If you do bring your dog to the festival they must be on a leash AT ALL TIMES. If you leave you dog in a hot car, I will find you and seriously ruin your day.


Check the weather – we are hoping that you will need sunscreen, but  you may also want to have an umbrella (remember nothing larger than a golf umbrella). Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and re-apply sunscreen often. The festival area in Washington Park is surrounded by lots of trees that can be used to get out of the sun. 


Parking in Washington Park as well as on residential side-streets near the park is allowed unless otherwise posted. Please obey all posted parking rules and regulations.


There are 18 porta-potties located in and around Washington Park. Public urination is seriously frowned upon. Please avoid doing this at all cost.


The festival will have 8 different food vendors and food trucks that will be selling everything from vegetarian items and grilled food to pizza and burgers.  These booths will also have soft drinks and water available for purchase. 

The Beer Garden Area near the stage is restricted to those 21 & over. Everyone that wishes to enter the Beer Garden will be carded each and every time they enter the area. We encourage everyone to please drink responsibly.